SED USAID Annex Building US Embassy - Accra, Ghana

Project Name

SED USAID Annex Building US Embassy Accra, Ghana

Contract No.


Project Owner

U.S. Department of State

Type of Project

Fixed Price – Design / Build

Completion Date

Final Completion: December 2007

Contract Value

$ 17,749,994


15 Months after Construction NTP

Offeror's Role

Framaco International acted as the leading partner of Prime Contractor (FEM JV), Design / Build

Relevance to Subject Contract

Design-Build OBO Contract
Same Design-Build Team
New Office Annex Construction

Brief Description of Project

  • Design-Build Construction of New Office Annex Building, 3 floors, 3,650 m2, mechanical penthouse
  • Parking, roadway, and landscaping
  • North parking lot for 28 vehicles.
  • Road construction adjacent to the NOX building.
  • Comprehensive design effort, including submittal / approval process, construction process, and the project management system, is the same as required for the OBO SED Projects