SED USAID Annex Building US Embassy - Bamako, Mali

Project Name
SED USAID Annex Building US Embassy - Bamako, Mali

Contract No.

Project Owner
U.S. Department of State

Type of Project
  • Design-Build;
  • Construction of New Office Annex (NOX)
  • Construction of New Office Annex Building, 2 floors, 3,000 m2, mechanical penthouse
  • Construction of parking, roadway, and landscaping to the south of the Main Entrance CAC parking.
  • Installations of relevant Mechanical and Electrical infrastructure systems
  • Provision and Installation of Environmental Security (Chem-Bio) system
  • Comprehensive design effort, including submittal / approval process, construction process, and the project management system, are the same as required for the OBO SED Projects

Completion Date
Final Completion: December 2007

Contract Value

15 Months after Construction NTP

Offeror's Role
Framaco International acted as the leading partner of Prime Contractor (FEM JV), Design / Build

Relevance to Subject Contract
Design-Build OBO Contract
Same Design-Build Team
New Office Annex Construction
"In 2004 The State Department awarded a contract to the joint venture Framaco-Epik-Metis (FEM JV) for the design and construction of improvements to the interim embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. This joint venture successfully accomplished the work despite the challenges of operating in a hostile environment, completing the project ahead of schedule and within budget. This performance led to Framaco International being named the Department of State's Contractor of the Year for 2005."
United States Department Of State, Overseas Building Operations